Thursday, 29 September 2011

T sql Scripts

Here are some scripts which I use now and then, it is quite useful to have these handy.

--- percentage Calculation returns zero
select (43/50) * 100

---percentage calculation where you cast the values
select cast(43 as float)/cast(50 as float)*100

---percentage calculation
---with 2 decimal places
select convert(decimal(10,2),cast(43 as float)/cast(50 as float)*100)

---Date Scripts

select datepart(d,getdate()) --returns day number
select datepart(dw,getdate()) --returns day of week, day 1 = Sunday and 7 = Saturday

select datename(month,GETDATE()) --retunrs Month Name
select left(datename(month,GETDATE()),3) --returns first 3 letters of Month Name

select datename(WEEKDAY,GETDATE()) --returns Day Name
select left(datename(WEEKDAY,GETDATE()),3) --returns first 3 letters of Day Name

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